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GTPsim – It is a system performance modeling environment for gas turbines and related energy systems. Any gas turbine engine can be modeled by arranging and connecting component models in a corresponding configuration using a drag- & drop interface. Precise prediction of complex secondary air flows and heat transfer in gas turbine cycles outperforms conventional cycle tools.

The interaction between the main gas path and the SAS is calculated fully conjugally. With the optional parallel calculations of different gas and SAS paths, the execution speed is kept high. Heat transfer and other thermal effects can be added by using an extensive thermal network.

A wizard function is provided to rapidly configure models of typical gas turbine configurations taking the user through several steps specifying primary engine design data. Simulation results can be presented in various formats, including tabular and graphical forms, operating curves in component maps, multi-curve plots, and carpet plots.

Features of GTPsim

  • Design point performance analysis and optimization,
  • Off-design steady-state and transient performance prediction and analysis,
  • Secondary air system design and optimization, control system design, Monte-Carlo probability analysis,
  • Thermal effect analysis and prediction of heat transfer coefficients as boundary conditions in FEM simulations
  • Virtual engine tests: condition monitoring and engine diagnostics
Product Information
File Name : GTPsim
Created By : B&B-AGEMA
License Type : Full version
OS : Windows
Size type : 26 MB
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