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FrameMagic – Collage Maker Pro 3.6.7

FrameMagic enables you to create awesome photo collage, video collage and video slideshow within just a few seconds with tons of layouts, endless options, colors, patterns, powerful text editor, beautiful filter effects, flexible play options, musics and narrations.

FrameMagic also supports powerful and intelligent photo editors including object removal, soft skin, dark light, bokeh, sticker, silhouette, outline, hole, background blur, motion blur and color splash.

FrameMagic also supports magical funny photo editors including face morphing, crystal(refracted) text and pic warping effect.

Photo Collage

  • The ultimate photo collage layouts.
  • Grid : Combine mulitple photos with hundreds of rectangular and polygonal layouts.
  • Auto : Create fully automatic collage with a single tap.
  • Blended : Blend multiple photos and create stunning collage.
  • Free Style : No limitation on how you add and arrange your photos.
  • Vertical Stitch : Combine multiple photos into one long. storytelling collage.
  • Squared : Create squared photo and video optimized for Instagram.
  • Montage: Create montage photo collage with powerful object masking tool.
  • 3D Free Style : Free style collage with 3D perspective layouts.
  • 3D Mesh : 3D meshed collage with beautiful mesh layouts.
  • Load multiple photos at once.
  • Unique decoration with rounded corner, margin, border, shadow.
  • Background colors and patterns.
  • Gradient and shape background color.
  • Powerful text editor and beautiful stickers.
  • Download and install custom fonts from free font servers.
  • Edit photo with aviary photo editor.
  • Easy width and height ratio.
  • Portrait and landscape mode.
  • Save and share in HD (up to 3200×3200).

Intelligent Photo Editor

  • Object Removal : Remove unncessary objects from your photo in single step.
  • Sticker Generation : Create sticker and montage with powerful object masking tool.
  • Silhouette Effect : Create beautiful silhouette effect.
  • Outline Effect : Create beautiful outline and edge effect.
  • Hole Generation : Create holed image and montage.
  • Background Blur : Create manual depth blur effect. (aka portrait photo)
  • Motion Blur : Create manual panning photography.
  • Color Splash : Create selective color and greyscale effect.
  • Soft Skin : Create soft skin effect.
  • Bokeh : Create circular and hexagonal background bokeh effect.
  • Dark light : Create selective light and darkness effect.

Video Collage & Slideshow

  • 101 rectangular layouts with up to 9 videos
  • Photo slides with your own photos
  • Video in video with up to 5 videos (PIP)
  • Load multiple videos at once
  • Trim each video at any time and size
  • Apply beautiful filters to each video
  • Adjust audio volume of each video
  • Add your own song as background music
  • Adjust audio volume and start/end time of background music
  • Unique decoration with rounded corner, margin, border, shadow
  • Background colors and patterns
  • Gradient and shape background color
  • Powerful text editor and stickers
  • Easy width and height ratio
  • Portrait and landscape mode
  • Save and share in HD (up to 1080×1080)

Fun Photo Editors

  • Create face morphing effect.
  • Add refracted text effect.
  • Create warp in/out effect.

Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later • Apple Silicon or Intel Core processor

Product Information
File Name : FrameMagic – Collage Maker Pro 3.6.7
Created By : Dongwook Cho
License Type : Full version
OS : macOS
Size type : 126 MB
Download File
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